LEADERSfor the future

The most important female leadership conference in Europe

Santander WomenNOW is holding its fifth edition this year. On 7 and 8 June, Madrid will once again become a meeting point for the most renowned global leaders in human rights, culture and science, economics, sports and activism.

The leaders who – while they are transforming present-day reality – are also designing the future. A more innovative and more ambitious future, but also one that is fairer and more environmentally friendly.



A unique gathering to learn about and reflect on the future

Handling the uncertainty of the present is the work of those who lead us, but without ever taking their eyes off upcoming challenges.

The most immediate future, but also one that we still cannot even begin to imagine. The future that affects us more personally and directly, and the one that poses challenges for the planet as a whole.



Carol Thatcher

Carol Thatcher

Daughter and biographer of Margaret Thatcher

Tosca Musk

Founder and CEO in Passionflix
Tosca Musk Oleksandra Matviichuk

Oleksandra Matviichuk

Nobel Peace Prize laureate 2022. Head of the Center for Civil Liberties of Ukraine

Julissa Reynoso

U.S. Ambassador to Spain
Julissa Reynoso

Dolores Redondo

Dolores Redondo

Five years bringing together the main leaders and reaching thousands of people

Santander WomenNOW is an annual international summit at which there have already been 150 plus world-class speakers garnering over two million views of their conferences, interviews and round tables, as well as creating extraordinary media impact.

The congress will be streamed on all Vocento’s media publications.



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