Verity Harding

Verity Harding

Verity Harding is a globally recognized expert in AI, technology, and public policy. She is the Founder of Formation Advisory Ltd, a tech consultancy firm, and a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University's Bennett Institute for Public Policy. 

Harding’s career has been focused on the intersection of technology and democracy. She spent a decade at Alphabet, latterly as DeepMind's first Global Head of Public Policy, where in 2017 she co-founded the company's research and ethics unit as well as the independent multi-stakeholder organization the *Partnership on AI.* She was also a member of the OECD's Network of AI Experts in 2018-19, the body that developed the first intergovernmental standard on AI, adopted by the G20 and beyond. Before this, Harding was Head of Security Policy for Google in Europe covering issues such as online extremism and encryption and, before moving to the tech industry, served the British Government as a Special Adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister the Rt Hon Sir Nick Clegg. 

In her spare time, Harding serves on the Cabinet Office Digital Advisory Board, a group of independent experts recruited to provide insight on digital, data, and technology to the UK government. Her debut book AI Needs You was published in March by Princeton University Press.

Artificial intelligence expert at Cambridge University and on Time magazine's list of global leaders in AI