Bettina Karsch

Bettina Karsch

Bettina Karsch has over 25 years’ experience in strategy and human resources. She joined Cepsa in September 2022 as Chief Human Resources Officer and as a member of the company’s board. As a strategy expert, Bettina began her career in Buenos Aires in the investment banking sector. Subsequently, already in Europe, she joined HR firm Penna and later, in 2011, joined Vestas as Regional HR Director for the Mediterranean, Central Europe and Latin America.

Before arriving at Cepsa, Bettina was Human Resources Director for European markets including North Africa and Turkey at Vodafone, responsible for 30,000 workers. Over the course of her nine years at Vodafone, she led three merger and acquisition integrations on the HR side and drove a cultural change of the company with the implementation of flexible methodologies and digital transformation.

Bettina Karsch holds a Magnum Cum Laude Degree in Economics from Brown (USA) and an MBA from École de Ponts ParisTech (France).

Chief Human Resources Officer at Cepsa